Month: October 2022

How did Main Street fare in July?

Main Street remains resilient despite the increasingly long list of challenges and countercurrents it must contend with. SMB owners and employees have an increasingly long list of challenges to contend with: Consumer prices increased at the highest rate in 40 years in June. On the employment and hiring fronts, some of the largest and most prominent global companies announced layoffs, hiring freezes, or hiring slowdowns. Consumer confidence and sentiment are lower.

Experts also now estimate a higher likelihood of a recession within the next year given the impact of inflation on corporate earnings and Fed policy imperatives. Wall Street analysts continue to reduce earnings and benchmark index estimates. Bellwether companies such as Walmart have lowered their earnings estimates citing slowing consumer retail sales. Jobless claims continue to rise and are now at the highest weekly level since November 2021. Positive news includes falling commodity prices, including for

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Data Lake vs. Data Warehouse: What’s the Difference?

Data lakes and data warehouses are two of the most popular forms of data storage and processing platforms, both of which can be employed to improve a business’s use of information.

However, these tools are designed to accomplish different tasks, so their functions are not exactly the same. We’ll go over those differences here, so you have a clear idea of what each one entails and choose which would suit your business needs.

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What is a data lake?

A data lake is a storage repository that holds vast raw data in its native format until it is needed. It uses a flat architecture to store data, which makes it easier and faster to query data.

Data lakes are usually used for storing big datasets. They’re ideal for large files and great at integrating diverse datasets from different sources because they

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What Is a VoIP Number & How Does It Work?

what is a voip number and how does it work?

What Is a VoIP Number?

A VoIP number, also known as Voice over IP phone number, is a real telephone number assigned to a user – but not to a specific location – that operates using an internet connection. The best part about the VoIP number is you can use it anywhere via a VoIP phone app that can work on any mobile device or desktop computer. Essentially, with a VoIP phone number, you aren’t bound to a specific desk in order to take calls – you can take or make calls anywhere using your VoIP number.

The hottest technology on the market today for business and personal use is coming straight out of the VoIP and virtual phone sectors. Cloud-based VoIP technology lets you call from anywhere using a cell phone, computer, laptop, or desk phone using the same number.

Let’s look at what is a VoIP number and

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Data Never Sleeps Hits Double Digits!

 / Data Never Sleeps Hits Double Digits!

Time really flies. It’s hard to believe it, but today Data Never Sleeps turns 10 as we release our latest version of our popular infographic.

Here at Domo on Data we love taking a look at how our collective use of data has changed over time. We took a look at some of the trends last year, and with Data Never Sleeps turning 10 we decided to turn it up a notch.

First up – taking a look at some of the original stats for Data Never Sleeps and comparing them to this years version.

All of the original metrics have increased from year 1 to year 10, but some of them have barely moved while others have skyrocketed. Looking at them as a percentage increase shows this in starker contrast.

The largest increases are associated with sharing of image and video content,

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How to Set Company Policies to Avoid Problems

Some people view company policies as a sign of encroaching bureaucracy and hence avoid having written or established policies as much as possible. There are even a few publicized cases of relatively large companies that have enjoyed tremendous success without the benefit of company policies.

However, if you don’t have some company policies, you may soon find yourself in a situation in which you wish you did.

Policies can make it clear to employees what kind of behavior is expected in your workplace. They can set clear guidelines on what is and isn’t appropriate. And policies can help you avoid, or at least defend, against lawsuits.

Have established purchasing procedures

By having established procedures, including clear delegation of who is and who is not authorized to make purchases, written purchase orders with clear quantities, and pricing and shipping directions, you can go a long way toward avoiding problems.

Remember that,

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