Month: October 2022

7 Signs It’s Time to Switch Your Payroll Provider

Switching payroll providers can feel like a daunting task. There’s data to gather, systems to set up, and employees to notify. But it’s all worth it if you’re moving to a provider that works better for your needs and offers the kind of excellent experience that you want. So how do you know it’s time to switch? 


Sign 1: Running payroll is complicated and inefficient 

Running payroll doesn’t have to be a weekly headache. Some signs that you could improve on the process? 

  • You have to copy and paste or download and upload timesheet data into your payroll system
  • Finalizing timesheets takes so long it sometimes delays your payroll
  • Your payroll provider can’t handle complex pay rules, so you have to do a lot of manual calculations
  • You always have paperwork floating around from all the forms you have to keep track of for your employees

Sign 2: You’re experiencing

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What’s New With Google Vertex AI?

Sundar Pichai introduced Vertex AI to the world during the Google I/O 2021 conference last year, placing it against managed AI platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure in the global AI market.

The Alphabet CEO once said, “Machine learning is a core, transformative way by which we’re rethinking how we’re doing everything.”

A November 2020 study by Gartner predicted a near-20% growth rate for managed services like Vertex AI. Gartner said that as enterprises invest more in mobility and remote collaboration technologies and infrastructure, growth in the public cloud industry will be sustained through 2024.

Vertex AI replaces legacy services like AI Platform Training and Prediction, AI Platform Data Labeling, AutoML Natural Language, AutoML Vision, AutoML Video, AutoML Tables, and Deep Learning Containers. Let’s take a look at how the platform has fared and what’s changed over the last year.

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Multi Channel vs Omni Channel Contact Center

multichannel vs omni channel contact center - which one do I need

According to Salesforce research, 76% of customers want different channels for interactions and messages, up from 71% before the COVID-19 pandemic. Customer dependencies on digital interaction increased when they couldn’t rely on the ability to just “pop in the store.” 

As a result, they found how convenient it is to engage with businesses across more channels. And they now have evidence that we are able and willing to bend, no matter the challenge thrown our way. 

Customers expect to have a variety of ways to engage with companies on the platform of their preference. 

The solution? Companies began implementing omnichannel and multichannel contact centers. Although both technologies aim to guide customers to the appropriate destination, a few subtle characteristics distinguish each one of them as a unique tool.

This article discusses the difference between omnichannel and multichannel marketing strategies and how each approach compares in today’s fast-paced, digitally-driven world.


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Comparing Month and Year Data using Beast Modes

 / Comparing Month and Year Data using Beast Modes in Domo

Problem Statement: It is important to be able to compare one month or year to another and ensure that they are equal. This requires us to either hide the current month from a card since it isn’t complete, or show the activity in each month through the same point in time. For example, if it is the 15th of the month, just show the first 15 days of activity in each month. We didn’t want to manually adjust cards each month or have to explain why a month looks so different from another month.

Solution Statement: I was able to solve this problem by creating two different beast modes for the two different situations. If I want to exclude the current month from a card, I create a beast mode that looks at the date in the

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Colorado LLC Filing Fees Are Now $1

As of July 1, 2022, the cost to form a Colorado LLC is just $1. This is thanks to the implementation of the “Colorado Business Fee Relief Act” (House Bill 22-1001). 

If you’re wondering what this means for business owners and entrepreneurs in the Centennial State, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the new Colorado LLC filing fees. We’ll explore which filings are $1, how long the new rates will be in effect, and anything that’s new about starting an LLC in Colorado. 

Which Colorado filings are now $1? 

According to the Colorado Business Fee Relief Act, two specific filings are now $1. They include new limited liability company (LLC) formation and trade name registration. That means the following documents now cost $1 to file: 

  • Articles of Organization (Colorado LLC formation)
  • Trade Name Statement (Colorado trade name registration)

Previously, the

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