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7 Ways Your Small Business Can Capitalize on This Peak Holiday Season

For retailers, the most wonderful time of the year is also one of the busiest. To ensure your business is making the most of this peak holiday season, there are a few steps you can take to prepare ahead of time.

Here are some eBay tips to help you optimize your business this holiday season.

In search of inspiration, consumers often start their purchasing journey on social media before visiting specific online stores to make a purchase. To meet them where they are, share your holiday listings on popular social media sites. Don’t forget to explain which audience your inventory might attract, any unique qualities of the item, and any promotions you are offering.

Document and post your preparations in order to get customers excited for the holidays. Customize your own hashtag and use it to brand all posts leading up to the holidays to attract more customers (for example,

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Best Payroll Software For Small Businesses 2022

There’s a reason why small business employers and operators outsource their payroll processes to payroll software.

If you’re the owner of a growing business who feels like payroll takes too much time and energy out of your already busy schedule, you’re not alone. Around 70% of small business owners feel that payroll adds a substantial burden to their workload (1).

It’s not just about tallying up hours and writing paychecks — you have to make sure your payroll is error-free because you could:

  • End up losing employees due to a single paycheck error
  • Incur steep fines from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for late or insufficient tax payments (2)
  • Face lawsuits or fines for misclassifying employees as independent contractors (3)

But we’re here to help you research — and compare — the top payroll tools for small businesses. We’ve created this guide to break down the variety of functions

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What is SIP Trunking? How it Works, Benefits & How to Get It

What is SIP Trunking Featured Image

SIP trunking can revolutionize your business by letting businesses take a giant leap to upgrade their PBX to an internet-powered phone system.
It’s more reliable and lets you optimize all your business communications. From crisp voice calls to high-quality video, you’ll never risk your reputation with a poor calling experience.
Running your small business phone system through SIP trunking is affordable, but it’s not necessarily for everyone. It replaces the need for physical lines. It also lets you easily add new phone lines or modify your phone service without disruptions or the need to buy new hardware.
Everyone from small businesses to large enterprises can benefit from SIP trunking. If you want to see why and how this is the guide for you.
Let’s dive into:

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP, short for Session Initiation Protocol, is an application layer protocol that lets you run your phone

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Flex tables – “The Pen-Pen-Ultimate Value”

 / Flex tables – “The Pen-Pen-Ultimate Value”

A Problem statement: How to exclude weeks and months from the Flex Table card that are not yet complete so users don’t think the period over period numbers are soft?

A Solution Statement: This secret sauce allows for a true week over week or month over month comparison by excluding the current week or month that hasn’t yet completed.

Demo: Use a beast mode to dynamically limit your data to exclude the current week or month from the Flex Table card.  Effectively this will change Penultimate Value to “Two weeks ago” and Last Value to “Last week” instead of “Last week” and “Current week”.

My “Secret Sauce”: Create a beast mode named “Week Filter” or “Month Filter” with the following formula.

NOTE: WEEKOFYEAR() function can be substituted with MONTH() and `ACTIVITY_DATE` is your date data field in your dataset.

This will give the

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How to Evaluate a Commercial Property Lease

You’ve finally found the perfect location for your new business. Before you sign a lease, remember that no matter now friendly your prospective landlord seems, the lease is not likely to be in your favor. Here are some important points to consider before signing a commercial lease.

After you’ve found a location for your brick-and-mortar store, next comes the negotiation and signing of one of the most dreaded legal documents any entrepreneur will ever face: the commercial lease (insert scary music here).

Before we dive in, understand these points: There’s no such thing as a lease that’s in favor of the tenant. Trying to break a lease is like trying to sweet-talk your way out of Alcatraz. Landlords are your best friends until you miss a rent payment or two.

Chances are that when you find your perfect space, the landlord will just happen to have a lease in his

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