The Importance of SEO to Increase Product Sales Online

There are so many benefits of SEO for websites and online businesses. You could even say that SEO has an important and crucial role. Not only for the website, but also for the entire online business. Why is this SEO important?

The reason is to optimize your online business website. As the name implies, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is indeed done for website optimization needs in search engines. Through what is this SEO done? SEO can be done through a series of concerted efforts. Then, what are the benefits that we can get from SEO?

One indicator of the success of an SEO case study is the higher the position of your business website with certain keywords in the search. Where the higher the position of your website, the more potential customers will visit your website. If it is like this, it will also indirectly have an impact on increasing your product sales.

However, doing SEO is not easy, it takes perseverance and special skills to do it. Skills in question such as skills in analysis, competitive, and strategic.

Therefore, here I will give some tips in SEO optimization. so that it can increase the sales of your product.

SEO Optimization Tips

SEO optimization tips that you can apply for your online business include:

1.Increase Website Access Speed

The speed of your website access is an important thing to note. This is because of course users don’t want to waste time just waiting for your website.

In your case there are many things you can do to speed up the website. Starting from optimizing the size of the image used, clearing the cache on the browser, to using the right theme.

2.Use and optimize image size

In a website, it is not only the text that matters but also the images that you really need to display. This is because images can beautify your website which of course can attract potential customers to read your website.

However, you also have to pay attention to the size of the image, not to overload your website and make it slow because it can affect the existence of your website. We recommend using images with a small size such as no more than 100kb and a certain quality.

3.Create an Attractive Content Title

In SEO, the title is important because it is the first text a potential visitor to your website sees. So it’s a good idea if you make the title as attractive as possible so that people can immediately be interested in reading your content.

You can add numbers or adjectives to make your content titles more interesting. Like “SEO Optimization Tips” and so on.

4.Choose the right domain name

Domain names have a huge impact on your website’s search results on Google. Moreover, if your domain name matches the keywords, it will be more effective to increase the number of visitors on your website.

This is because a domain with the right keywords can give your website a greater chance of appearing in the top Google searches. In addition, to create a domain name is also quite easy. You only need to buy a domain at a hosting provider that is already widely available on the internet.

However, often the prices set by several providers are quite expensive. So you might think again to buy a domain